Definition. Scope. Objectives

Chaperonopathies are diseases in which molecular chaperones play a pathogenic role, because they are structurally altered and/or because they participate in a pathway favorable to the development of disease.

The scope of this Webpage encompasses all chaperonopathies with manifestations in one or more cells, tissues, and organs, focusing on humans but also including non-human models in as much as they may help in the understanding of the human counterparts.

This Website is an extension of the book “The Chaperonopathies” (http://www.springer.com/biomed/book/978-94-007-4666-4) and is offered as a dynamic, interactive tool for updates and consultation. The primary objective is to educate physicians so they will be able to look for chaperonopathies, diagnose them, and prevent and treat them.
Because this is an emerging field, diagnosis and treatment of chaperonopathies are not always straightforward. Hence, this Website will also provide information and ideas to researchers in the clinics and in the laboratory, so progress can be made in the understanding of chaperonopathies and in the developing of diagnostic means and therapies.