Sector of research


Sciences for technological innovation, bio-informatics, brain computer interfaces and artificial intelligence

Applied physics

Molecular, environmental and advanced materials science

Information science and technologies



Biomolecular strategies, genetics and avant-garde therapies

Stem cells, tissue remodeling and proteomics

Aerospace tissue engineering

Muscle biology and zebrafish models

Nutrition, dismicrobism and gut diseases

Studies on deafness and hearing loss therapies

Proteomics and molecular genetics applied to neuroscience and predictive medicine

Studies on tumor immunology and biomarkers in oncology

Studies on multi-organ vascular diseases



Stress biology, human longevity, sport and health

Physiology and pathology of stress related proteins

Extracellular vescicles and biomarkers

Physical exrcise and health sciences

Research and development of new organizational models aimed at the sustainability of the health system

Clinical research: from observational studies to intervention studies with particular reference to "Real World Evidence"



Sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and food security

Precision agriculture

Organic farming and biodiversity

Biotechnology for sustainable agriculture and food security

Biotechnology for the ecosystem and the marine environment



Nanotechnologies, innovative materials for health and safety, architecture and cultural heritage

New technologies and materials for the protection, conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage

Innovative materials and technologies for green and sustainable buildings

Functionalizing coating and antibacterial materials for Health sector

Nanotechnologies and innovative materials for industrial applications



Renewable energy, resource efficiency and aerospace research

Renewable energy and innovative solutions for savings and energy efficiency

Research and innovation in aerospace



Smart city and community

Smart Energy & Smart Buildings

Mobility, Transports & Logistics

Climate & Environment Management

E-tourism & E-culture


Management of water resources

Transport infrastructures and smart mobility

Environmental engineering, eco-hydraulics, hydrogeological instability and land security

Urban planning and territorial planning



Human and social science, tourism and cultural heritage, 3D technology and augmented reality

Archeology, history, art and populations

Philosophy, anthropology and ethics

Intellectual property, competition and sharing economy

Health, community and organizational psychology

Psychology of tourism and relationship marketing

Statistics for interpretations and decisions

Innovative and 3D technologies applied to cultural heritage and smart cities





Job opportunities


Lo I.E.ME.S.T. presenta il GR.IN. Cluster al Green Conservation of Cultural Hertitage
L' Istituto I.E.ME.S.T. ha collaborato all'organizzazione della Terza Conferenza Internazionale  "Green Conservation of Cultural Heritage", dove 250 ricercatori provenienti da 19 Paesi si sono confrontati sulle tematiche dello sviluppo sostenibile.In particolare la delegazione del Dipartimento NIMA (NanoInnovative Materials), ha presentato il Cluster GR.IN. ottenendo entusiastica adesione da parte di numerosi Partner Europei.




The role of Materials in the post-COVID society
A reflection on how Materials will enable solutions for a healthy, safe, and resilient society to achieve a sustainable, stable, and stronger economy, able to respond to citizen’s demands.

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