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IEMEST is partner in the Cyber Brain project, funded by the “PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013”, line of action:, together with “Fondazione Neuromed” and “Fondazione Neurone”. The aim of this project is to build a new biotechnological platform, located in the regions of Campania and Sicily, and devoted to neurocybernetics, aimed at designing novel systems that will allow the development of implantable devices and neuroprosthesis for the study of various neurodegenerative diseases.

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The IEMEST is establishing a Laboratory of neuroanatomy devoted to test electrocorticographic implantable devices in vivo and to study the effects of these implants, in particular using in vitro and in vivo and post-mortem techniques, as well as in neuronal cultures (including 3D cultures), and the biocompatibility and bioabsorbability of the materials used. The Laboratory of Neuroanatomy will be fitted with advanced research equipments.


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Abstract of the Project:

The Cyber Brain project aims at creating a biotechnological platform (“Polo”) located in the regions of Campania and Sicily devoted to neurocybernetics.

In particular, by a structural expansion project is creating an infrastructure of excellence in the South with the aim also to create new markets that are still unexplored. The infrastructure will develop implantable devices and neuroprosthesis that can capture and transmit neural signals to the study of various neurodegenerative diseases. These activities will be closely related to the study of brain implants with strong scale of miniaturization. Wireless signals will be used for the invasive monitoring of patients with brain pathologies. The structural expansion project is related to a staff training project which aims at creating qualified personnel specialized in cross-cutting areas of the Polo.

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